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Rasvyde & George


A gorgeous indoor wedding  ceremony combined with minimal  floral arrangements, and a beautiful couple deeply in love unfold through the wonderful.... no no no this is not an ordinary wedding ,Rasvyde & George are one of our craziest couple ever , is the epitome of love has no have to but has only intense feelings and a mood of celebrating every moment of your life with that person that you call love of your life


The Highlight Film | The Runaway Bride| Greek Wedding in Pyrgos Petreza 


Watch their video and feel the vibe and the huge amount of different emotions in this beautiful wedding day .

Prepare some pop corn and see the funny run away by Rasvyde on the church the crazy Party on Pyrgos Petreza wedding venue in Athens and the sparkling eyes full of love and emotions when Rasvyde and George look at each other 

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