Make Your Dreams Come True

I grow up in a family that was based in kindness love respect and the endless care of a humble mother and i had as my idol a father the learned me that there is no limits of evolving and you can do everything you want if you really try.
My personal mindset is that i can try with all my will and all my power and my abilities to achieve my goals my only limiter is that i can't try i can't start an evolving race if i don't love what i do and videography is what i love to do, is a way to express through this magical celebration of love my vision for a better world that people can be truly in love.
This is probably the reason that couples that are choosing to work together are so much in love, and i can describe through visuals their unique bond that can be kind, glamorous, elegant and emotional but  can also be crazy, cheerful, loud but humble as well . 

Turning a Vision into Reality

Videography for me is my paradise on planet earth, is the way that i can express  moments and feelings through visuals, is my way to say to everybody that love is the way to happiness.
There is an expression that i always use to describe my work , " i have choose to feel through my lens and not only see through them ", this is my moto and this is how you will receive it when its time to push the play button for your wedding film .
It is really important for me, our between us connection on the day, i highly believe as a visual storyteller that i feel the day through you and this makes me to have the ability not only to show you documentary what happened on the day but to make you hear every sound that was part of the moment every smell that came around and this will totally make you feel and relive the raw emotions of the day again and again.
Wedding films in my opinion are not only films that can show pictures nice frames happy or emotional people, but they are films that will make you look back see and feel the moments, in body and soul.

No matter if you choose Santorini or Tuscany, Ibiza or Canary islands or even if you choose Mykonos or any other Greek Island your weddings video will look stunning because wedding videos are not about the background but about people and their emotions.
I love filming and i love travel around the world to fulfill my greatest passion, to create  unique wedding videos.
I will be very excited if i can create my next beautiful love story in your future wedding.
Get in touch with me, if you like what you see and we are on the same page and so we talk more about your wedding details.

As i am enjoying what i am doing,  my goal is to make you relax on your wedding day, remember that the most important is to live and enjoy your wedding day.

A Perfectionist on Every Detail

I first started using cameras in 2016 and really soon this

became my passion and my personal challenge.
At 2018 I received already my first awards from WEVA,

I finished on :

2nd place as Best videographer of the Balkans,

2nd place as Best Highlight Film of the Balkans,

2nd place as Best new Professional of the Balkans,

2nd place as Best debut of the year .

On 2019 i became a Judge for the WEVA  ( Worldwide Event

Videographer Association) for Balkan awards .

I Also Participate in the Greek contest and i finished

1st Place as best Cameraman of Greece 

2nd place as Best Wedding Highlight Film of Greece
2nd place as Best Film Colorist of Greece
2nd place as Best Save The Date Video of Greece
2nd place as
Best Wedding Walk Film of Greece


3rd place as Best Videographer of Greece ,
3rd place as
Best Engagement Film of Greece 


4th place as Best Film Colorist of the World ,

2020 came up with an announcement as a winner in

Winter IGHA Awards (International Golden Heart Awards)

and a Nomination for the Yearly IGHA Awards. 
And the Circle was complete with an overseas Nomination as a finalist

in American Love Stories Tv as Best International Wedding Film.

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