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Fernanda & Glauber
wedding in Ios Island

Having a Greek island wedding means experiencing the beauty of this earth entwined with your love in the most extraordinary way. In fact, many islands have a plethora of secluded small beaches that are perfect for an intimate affair. Such was the nuptial story of Fernanda and Glauber who decided to have a wedding in Ios with their families. It was a day infused with the most heartfelt care and love from all present, with otherworldly backdrops and the most magical sunset and evening ambiance. It was truly an honor for us to have been their destination videographers and portray one of the most beautiful modern boho ceremonies we have ever filmed.


A beautiful boho Wedding in Ios island Greece


Before the cliffs of Ios and the beauty of the Aegean sea lured these two loving souls, their story began in 2016. Even though their paths weren’t met for something more than a friendship at that time, there was something more that was like a seed planted in each of their hearts, growing quietly.


As Fernanda fondly recalls: “There was something about the way he looked at me that I can still remember to this day. His loving and gentle smile left a mark on me.” Two years had gone by since their departure and she felt compelled to reach out. After having a first date, they immediately fell in love, becoming inseparable ever since. While filming their wedding in Ios, it was truly evident how strong and caring their connection is, resulting in a truly poetic wedding videography portrayal of their special day. All could feel their hopes for the future and zest for this new chapter together. 

The Highlight Film | The Touch of Love | Wedding in Ios Island

A Micro Wedding at the beach 

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If you haven’t witnessed the beauty of sunset Greek island wedding ceremonies, this video is bound to enchant you. The serene sea waves, the private Loretzena Beach that was a haven for their I Do’s, and the ever-inspiring sunset flair that illuminated their complexion. As they both got ready at different rooms at the Relux Ios Hotel for their wedding in Ios, anticipation filled their hearts. Down at the beach, before the sun started to set, awaited a breathtaking boho-styled arbor that framed their love with the beauty of the Aegean.

Love in 60 sec | Fernanda & Glauber | Wedding video in Ios Island

Ios Island is a unique location for a destination wedding in Greece!

When their ceremony started and they expressed their vows, everyone was moved by the overwhelming beauty of their sentimental vows. Filming such candid emotions is what we live for, what we simply adore. Being able to witness it all through wedding videography and film how their romantic hearts were finally intertwined as one was bliss. As Fernanda fondly told us, what she adores about Glauber is the fact that he is so kind and gentle, yet loving and protective, which makes her feel at home in his embrace. So their wedding in Greece was like closing one door and entering a new home in which they get to build their future and grow - with their lovely french bulldog Kiwi too!

It was so charming to feel the atmosphere of the island, adorned with their modern boho aesthetic for their reception at the Ios Sunset & Dining Club. The venue is set on top of the hill with views that are pure magic! During the evening hours, all the lanterns started to glimmer, creating the ideal atmosphere for an intimate fête and dancing. A dream place to complete the visual portrayal of their story and immensely enjoy filming breathtaking portraiture

The Full Wedding Film | Fernanda & Glauber | Wedding in Ios
First comes love. Then comes engagement. Then… a destination wedding in Greece?

Did you find this boho wedding in Ios inspiring? Then browse our page for more real love stories that will spellbind your heart. Also, don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need a Greece videographer by filling out the contact form on our page for a Zoom call, or simply by emailing us. We cannot wait to learn all about you and your beloved!

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