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Crete Wedding Videos: Capturing Timeless Memories in Paradise

Immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of Crete as you embark on your journey of love and celebration. Nestled amidst the stunning landscapes and rich cultural heritage, Crete offers the perfect backdrop for your dream wedding. Exchange vows amidst the romantic ambiance of Agreco Farms, with its rustic charm and lush surroundings, or opt for the elegant sophistication of Art Villas for an unforgettable celebration.
As a destination wedding videographer specializing in Crete weddings, I am dedicated to capturing every precious moment of your special day with precision and artistry. From the intimate ceremonies overlooking the crystal-clear waters of Elounda to the grand celebrations at luxury venues like Blue Palace, I am committed to creating stunning wedding videos that you will cherish for a lifetime.
Whether you envision a seaside ceremony at Daios Cove or a romantic affair at the historic Agios Titos Church, Crete offers endless possibilities for your wedding day. Let me be your guide as you create memories to last a lifetime in this idyllic paradise.
Contact us today to discuss your Crete wedding videography needs and start planning your unforgettable celebration in this picturesque destination.


Katia & Nick

Wedding in Agreco Farms Crete

Embark on a journey of love and destiny with Katia and Nick's exquisite wedding tale set in the heart of Crete's enchanting Agreco Farms. Witness their serendipitous union unfold amidst rustic elegance and heartfelt vows exchanged against the backdrop of familial heritage. As their dedicated wedding videographer in Crete, we immortalize every cherished moment, from the touching vow exchange to the vibrant celebrations. Join us in capturing the essence of love and tradition in a destination wedding that transcends borders and cultures. Let us craft your own timeless love story amidst the scenic beauty of Crete's Agreco Farms.

Katya & Ben 

Jewish Wedding in Crete

Immerse yourself in the allure of a lavish wedding in Crete, where opulence meets tradition. Join Katya, Israel's esteemed top model, and Ben, a prominent businessman, as they exchange vows in a breathtaking ceremony at La Mer Crete, overlooking the serene sea. With around 200 guests, including celebrities like Thibaut Courtois, the celebration is a vibrant spectacle of love and luxury. As their dedicated wedding videographer in Crete, we capture every glamorous moment and colorful detail, ensuring their Jewish wedding video is a timeless masterpiece. Experience the magic of Crete's premier wedding destination with Katya and Ben's unforgettable celebration.

Mya & Tomer

Jewish Wedding in La Mer Crete

Experience the magic of a traditional Jewish wedding in the picturesque island of Crete with Mya & Tomer. With around 200 guests, their destination wedding at La Mer Resort and Spa in Rethimno was a breathtaking affair. From heartfelt ceremonies to vibrant celebrations, their three-day extravaganza, including a Greek night and a beach party, was filled with love and joy. As their dedicated wedding videographer in Crete, we captured every emotional moment and unforgettable detail. Witness the beauty and excitement of Mya & Tomer's special day in our mesmerizing wedding video. Don't miss out on experiencing the enchantment of their unforgettable celebration in Crete.


Astrid & Michael

Wedding in Ageco Farms Crete
Experience the timeless allure of a wedding in Crete as Astrid & Michael's love story unfolds amidst the picturesque beauty of Agreco Farms. Nestled in Rethimno, this enchanting venue provided the perfect backdrop for their magical day. From Michael's whimsical Vespa entrance to the golden hues of sunset, every detail whispered of love and romance. As their dedicated wedding videographer in Crete, I had the privilege of capturing their journey from vows amidst olive groves to a reception in Agreco Farms' enchanted courtyard. Join us in reliving the enchantment of their day—a visual symphony of love and artistry.

Alison & Anthony

Jewish Wedding in Mitsis Laguna Crete 
Celebrate love in the mesmerizing beauty of Crete, where Alison & Antony's unforgettable Jewish wedding unfolded at Mitsis Laguna in Ierapetra. Surrounded by loved ones, they embarked on a journey filled with cherished moments and joyous celebrations. As their dedicated wedding videographer in Crete, we were honored to capture every precious memory. Thank you for entrusting us with your special day, allowing us to preserve the magic of your love story for eternity.

Why Choose Us?

  • Immersive Experience: Despite not being locals, we've traversed the shores of Crete over 10 times each season, gaining unparalleled insight into the island's hidden treasures. Our familiarity ensures your wedding video encapsulates the true essence of Crete.

  • International Acclaim: Honored among the top 10 wedding videographers globally in 2022, our work speaks volumes about our dedication to excellence, promising you a cinematic masterpiece that transcends borders.

  • Spectacular Backdrops: Let Crete's captivating landscapes frame your love story, from azure coastlines to rugged cliffs, creating timeless moments against nature's grandeur.

  • Premier Venues: Explore Crete's most luxurious venues, including Agreco Farms, Art Villas, La Mer Crete, Mitsis Laguna Ierapetra  for an unforgettable wedding experience tailored to your dreams.

  • Personalized Service: We collaborate closely with you to understand your vision, ensuring every detail is meticulously captured in your Crete wedding video.

Embark on a journey of love and exploration with Crete Wedding Videos.

Contact us today to begin crafting your unforgettable wedding experience in Crete

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