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Sophia & Adam

wedding in Lindos Rhodos Island 

Adam and Sophia have plenty of traveling experience, but the destination they have chosen for their special day was Lindos Rhodes in Greece. We are eternally grateful that we got to film their Rhodes wedding and follow them on this incredible journey. With this video, we decided to bring that journey closer to you so that you can get a grasp of what it feels like to get married in such a magical place. For an even more realistic experience, consider watching it.


Host your majestic wedding in Lindos


Lindos is an archeological village on the island of Rhodes where you instantly feel like you walked into a fairytale. For this reason, many couples decide to mark their union in this particular location. Sophia and Adam have decided to take this step after visiting numerous countries together and because they enjoy exploring new places! In fact, even their proposal was adventurous - Adam proposed in Sri Lanka 2019 on top of a mountain! But Lindos was one of the destinations that struck them the most due to its incredible landscape, beaches, and even boat tours.


As a part of their elopement, the couple has decided to explore the charming coastal region, and as their Rhodes videographers, we made sure to ensnare every moment. Their boat party was certainly excellent filming material as I was able to capture the honest emotions and pure happiness of everyone involved.

When they decide to elope, many couples want to go to a different country alone. However, as they greatly value family, Sophia and Adam wanted to bring along those closest to them. Sophia's brother Ed and her mother Rosalyn (her dad sadly passed away in 2018), Adam's parents Ann and Andy, Adam's brother, and his groomsmen were all there to celebrate this wonderful occasion. Of course, their dog Max tagged along as the couple has a mutual obsession with him!

Having their loved ones there made the wedding even more intimate and emotional. As Adam and Sophia exchanged their vows, the guests observed in admiration and attempted to hold back their tears. As the couple walked down the aisle, the guests were throwing rose petals at them, and their joy was immeasurable. Being their Rhodes videographers made us feel honored to film such genuine care and fondness.

The Greatest adventure of all | Sophia & Adam

What makes a Rhodes wedding more special?

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If you haven’t witnessed the beauty of sunset Greek island wedding ceremonies, this video is bound to enchant you. The serene sea waves, the private Loretzena Beach that was a haven for their I Do’s, and the ever-inspiring sunset flair that illuminated their complexion. As they both got ready at different rooms at the Relux Ios Hotel for their wedding in Ios, anticipation filled their hearts. Down at the beach, before the sun started to set, awaited a breathtaking boho-styled arbor that framed their love with the beauty of the Aegean.


Getting married in Greece is exceptional on its own; however, there are quite a few things that can make your Rhodes wedding even better! Not many visitors know this, but Greece has a lot of dancers who enjoy performing all around the country. Adam, Sophia, and their company were pleasantly surprised to see Greek dancers in action and to feel like a part of their culture for a moment.

Even in their wedding vows, Sophia recalls how Adam always sings and dances with her. The couple met in a bar in Cambodia and fell in love over liking tequila, so they were certainly no strangers to having a good time and dancing. However, experiencing Greek dances live was a completely different yet enjoyable occasion for them. Bringing a videographer to their wedding in Lindos was a thoughtful decision because they surely want to have all of the spectacular adventures recorded!

If you would like to have your Rhodes wedding filmed, we will gladly make sure you get the best cinematic feel in this Greek paradise. Contact us to learn more about our services

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