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Shireen & Andrew

Wedding in Italy Tuscany

Take a brief moment to lose yourself in this beautiful wedding in Tuscany! Shireen and Andrew's wedding was a success on every level, a heartwarming ceremony that brought two families together. We were so delighted to have been a part of their destination wedding story and have the chance to immortalize their most important day.
We captured every second of their ceremony, from the first look to the vows and rings exchanged. Our goal is to share these intimate moments with you so that you can experience all of the joy that comes from attending a destination celebration like this one!


Julliane & Heath

Wedding in Dubai

Embark on a journey of love with Julianne and Heath's enchanting wedding in Dubai, beautifully captured by our Dubai videographers. From the opulence of Five Palm weddings to the majestic desert vistas, every moment is a testament to their extraordinary love story. Witness their heartfelt vows against the backdrop of Dubai's urban cityscapes and intimate receptions at Roar Lounge. Let us immortalize your Dubai wedding with cinematic flair and candid elegance. Contact us to start planning your unforgettable celebration today!


Sabrina & Andrea

Engagement in Rome

Experience the romance of Rome with Sabrina & Andrea's engagement session, beautifully captured by our Italy wedding videographers. From the charming views of Castel Sant'Angelo to the allure of the Milvian Bridge, every moment is infused with the city's ancient beauty and rich history. Let us preserve your love story amidst Rome's iconic landmarks, creating a timeless wedding video that captures the essence of romance in Italy's most romantic city

Jessica & Jamie 

Wedding video in Santorini

A beautiful Luxury Wedding 
that took place in Venetsanos Winery and reception in Thermes Villas Santorini 
Watch their beautiful video from their wedding day in Santorini 

Jessica & Joe

Wedding video in Santorini

A really emotional wedding video.
Ceremony took place in Santo winery and reception in Pyrgos restaurant in Santorini .
Watch their beautiful video from their wedding day in Santorini 

Andy & James

Wedding video in Santorini

A really luxurious  wedding that took place in Le ciel Wedding Venue in Santorini ,and amazing couple with a amazing choreography of their first dance .
Watch their beautiful video from their wedding day in Santorini 


Rasvyde & George 

Wedding video in Athens

A Beautiful winter wedding that took place in Pyrgos Petreza in Athens 


Sophia & Adam

Wedding video in Rhodos

Immerse into the magic of the Greek island paradise with this wedding video filmed in Rhodes. Sophia and Adam are an adventurous couple whose heart was ensnared by the dreamy Lindos, which is an archeological settlement on the island of Rhodes. With all of their closest family and friends, they celebrated their love in an intimate atmosphere that was filled with all the beautiful emotions. They danced the night away and savored every meaningful moment which we, as their videographers, were honored to witness.

Georgina & Adam 

Wedding video in Santorini

A Wedding in Rocabella hotel in Santorini with a really emotional coyple that exchange some really deep and touching wedding vows .
Watch their beautiful video from their wedding day in Santorini 

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