An Intimate Emotional Santorini Wedding | Kelly and Juan

Some love stories simply strike a chord. They dwell in heartfelt care, devotion and evoke the purest emotion. Such was the Santorini wedding of Kelly and Juan that we as their videographers had the honor to film. Moreover, we were truly blessed to witness one of the most heartwarming vows we have ever heard. Paired with the beautiful Santorini island and a backdrop that seems like out of this world, this wedding video is bound to soften your heart and enchant your senses.


No matter how many times one visits Santorini, it is always breathtaking, inspiring and fresh, just like the tale of this couple. Even though they have been together for more than 10 years, they lovingly say that every kiss they share, still evokes butterflies like the first time. Their chapter began when they met through common friends when they were teenagers, only for their friendship to grow into something more during their college days. They have been together for each other at all times. In both happiness and striking sorrow like losing a parent, they built strong foundations of their devotion.


Being inseparable ever since they started their relationship, Juan decided to bind their tales by proposing to Kelly one cold snowy night just before Christmas in Montreal, Canada. As a complete opposite to the proposal, they chose to have a warm Santorini wedding with their favorite people. And what a celebration it was. It is no secret that when filming wedding videos, we are constantly moved by the poetry of emotions, but this time, neither the guests could hold off their reactions. 

The day started with filming the preparations. Both the bride and groom got ready in separate hotels while we were there to capture all of their meaningful details that would complete their visual narrative. Kelly had such sweet moments with her mother and grandmother who helped her get into her dress. After filming all the portraits and memories, we got to experience the epiphany of this Santorini wedding - the ceremony. On the wedding video you will firstly see Juan’s candid reaction when he sees his bride for the first time at the aisle but then, you will also hear the most heartfelt vows and speeches. Among all those sincere words, you will feel the love of this couple. Saying their I Do’s in an intimate affair, surrounded with all of their loved ones and embracing the horizon in front of them as they walk towards their new chapter. Kelly at one point says “Your love has changed everything for me”. Believe us, their vows will make you realize how beautiful life is.


We revelled in filming the effortless class and one-of-a-kind story of this couple. Curating timeless memories of their newlywed bliss during golden hour. They continued celebrating in the evening as the dusk slowly set in. One of the most emotional moments was sharing the joy with their guests and the release of paper lanterns in memory of Juan’s father.


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