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Kendal & Micah

Elopement Video In Santorini

If the mere thought of having all eyes on you during your wedding makes you feel anxious, then you might want to consider having a Santorini elopement instead. The freedom that comes with this option causes some couples to gravitate towards this non-traditional route.
This kind of elopement offers an intimacy that makes for a romantic and genuine experience for anyone who chooses such a ceremony - just like Kendal and Micah's boho elopement. 


Kendal and Micah are high school sweethearts and know each other so well that it was obvious that neither was keen on the usual way of tying the knot. This is why they decided to have a destination elopement instead. So, they traveled to a location that exuded effortless elegance and a relaxing vibe - Santorini. It was such a romantic elopement! Their set-up at Vallais Villa Santorini Hotel was heavenly, with this destination offering the most stunning view of the Caldera and spectacular sunsets all year round. It was a glorious opportunity for a Greece elopement videographer to capture how genuine Micah and Kendal's love for each other is in such a magical location. We are absolutely in awe of how elegant it was without even trying! 

The Santorini Elopement Video | I Follow your Heart 

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The couple's destination elopement was the quintessential laid-back type that they will love to enjoy over and over again on the wedding video. From the emotional first look on the rooftop to the romantic candle-lit dinner with a mesmerizing sunset in the background, the intimacy they have for each other really shone through most authentically. How they prioritized what they wanted above all else demonstrated that they didn’t need anyone to impress, just their pure love for each other. That being said, we are so honored to have been able to capture it as their Santorini elopement videographer.


What made their Santorini elopement video even more beautiful was how perfectly the bohemian elements were incorporated into their special day. The use of detailed Turkish rugs and textured elements added just the right amount of color to the classic muted theme of their boho elopement. We also admired the lovely pampas grass arrangement, which was chic but subtle. In addition to that, the bride's bohemian wedding dress was captivating with its flowing cut and stylish design. The couple was perfectly in harmony with themselves and with their location. 


It is important to note that the most important thing you should consider is your comfort when planning to have your own boho Santorini Elopement. Being comfortable and relaxed is the very essence of this kind of ceremony. Greece elopement videographers like us prefer this kind of style because it’s perfect for the place and it makes it easy for us to film couples in a relaxed state. We really had fun being the Santorini elopement videographer of Kendal and Micah. 
We can capture the entire romantic feel of your unique style inspired by nature and the great outdoors or any type you prefer. Feel free to contact us! We are also very experienced in other ways of eloping! 

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