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Katia & Nick
Wedding in Agreco Farms Crete

Katia and Nick's story is proof that destiny will always find a way of uniting two people that are meant to be together. And we can testify to the fact that this couple was absolutely bound to have a stunning wedding in Agreco Farms, despite them meeting only by chance and totally by luck. The way that love unfolds always amazes and inspires us. Their celebration exudes sophistication, excitement, and bliss and we were fortunate enough to be a part of it. 


The Wedding Vow in Agreco Farms Crete


One of the most special moments captured in the wedding in Agreco Farm was the bride and groom's wedding vow. They spoke their words to each other stood before a table that belonged to Katia’s grandmother, which was uniquely touching. The beautiful emotions of the couple while they shared bits and pieces of stories from their past and their hopes for the future, demonstrated just how much they love and care about each other. Being their wedding videographer in Crete, we made sure to highlight this wonderful moment. Here are some lines from their vows that really stood out: 


"The most important thing is us having the same values and wanting to go on the same journey together in life." (Nick)
"You and I make a fantastic team in every aspect, and I just simply can't wait to spend my life with you." (Katia)

The value of Love |Katia & Nick

The Highlight Film in Agreco Farms Crete 

Agreco Farms is the perfect venue for a destination wedding in Crete

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The couple both live in Chicago, Illinois and decided to have their elegant wedding on a traditional farm in the lovely town of Rethymno.
Because Nick's roots are Greek, and Katia is originally from Ukraine, they chose to have a destination wedding in Crete since their families would be coming from all over the world to attend. In addition, they opted for a venue perfect for a classy wedding which was the Agreco Farms. 

The best things happens by chance
Katia & Nick | Wedding in Agreco Farms Crete

Katia & Nick's Crete Wedding: The Story


The couple's elegant wedding was so pleasing to the eye. This was no surprise as Katia's profession is home decoration. Having such experience, she already had a clear idea about how she would like to arrange everything for their wedding in Agreco Farm. With the help of Anna, their wedding planner, a truly gorgeous set-up was created. Everything was breathtaking and well-thought-through, from the beautiful alfresco arrangements to the ceremony area. Not to mention their traditional


Cretan cuisine for dinner, which tasted as good as it looked! On top of this, their Crete wedding also featured a band playing live music and a DJ to turn up the feel-good vibes, which also gave Katia a chance to showcase her dancing skills on their first dance.
The special day started with the wedding preparation at the historic yet elegant Captain's House Boutique Hotel. This is also where they had their first look, which was so memorable. We really enjoyed being able to squeeze in a shoot with the couple in between their ceremony and reception. The vineyard on the farm was such a scenic location, and we were glad we were able to film it as their wedding videographer in Crete. It was lovely to capture Nick driving his way up the aisle with a Vespa and then doing the same thing to drive back down again, only this time, Katia was with him. 

The Full Wedding Video
Katia & Nick Wedding in Agreco Farms Crete

First comes love. Then comes engagement. Then… a destination wedding in Greece?

In the age of social media, where everything is documented and photographed, destination weddings in Greece have become increasingly popular. Couples can't seem to get enough of the picturesque beaches, quaint cottages, and stunning sunsets that Greece has to offer.
Fell in love with this beautiful wedding in Agreco Farm in Crete Then connect with us to discover our services as destination videographers in Greece!

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