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Lauren & Arthur

Elopement in Santorini

Lauren and Arthur decided to escape their regular whereabouts in UK, to declare their love for each other in Vallais Villa Imerovigli. We were lucky enough to be their Elopement Santorini videographers and capture their magical moments together. If you would like to get the idea of what it looks like to tie the knots by the miraculous blue sea in Greece, watch the video above and stay with us until the end because we will attempt to bring you along on this incredible adventure with us!


Vallais Villa is ideal for spontaneous destination elopement


On October 24th, 2021, Lauren and Arthur brought me along to create the perfect elopement video and record incredibly emotional scenes as they professed their love. The balcony of Vallais Villa in Santorini proved to be the most romantic location to do that. We have managed to capture the incredible cliffs surrounding the sea while the wind was playing with the bride's golden hair locks as they were affectionately exchanging vows.


Although destination elopement ceremonies do not seem to require as much planning as a traditional wedding, there is still some organizing to do. Therefore,Lauren & Arthur did not leave anything to the case, and they hired Divine weddings Santorini planners to come to assistance. Even though the landscape itself leaves you in awe, the planners made sure to create a unique ambiance, which completed the exceptionally peaceful atmosphere. As their elopement videographers, we were astonished as to how intimate an outdoor wedding can be!

The Elopement video in Santorini

Purity of Love | Lauren & Arthur

Elopement Santorini video

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With such majestic scenery and a devoted couple, filming the elopement video was a true pleasure! As the event was during summertime, the weather was in our favor as well. We did not anticipate any rain or strong winds, which truly made the job easier.  On the other hand, as elopement videographers, we focused on recording the moments, the movements, and the genuine emotions floating in the air.


As they were reading their vows, we could hear their voices tremble and see their eyes sparkle each time they would profess their love to each other. Arthur & Lauren will be able to look back at that moment whenever they want, and it will be a great reminder of the greatness of their deep affection!

Every part of the video turned out magical, because no matter which angle you choose, the landscape does not disappoint! While the colorful flowers were rocking in the wind, the bride and the groom held hands, looked deep into each other's eyes, and anyone could tell that they were deep into each others’ essence. The elopement Santorini proved to be the best idea of their lives, and everybody involved was mesmerized, ourselves included.

If you are considering eloping somewhere for your special day, reach out to us as we would gladly follow you on this journey. We would love to film your Santorini elopement getaway and help you plan some breathtaking shots!

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