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Julianne & Heath
wedding in Five Palm Dubai

What is special about intimate celebrations of love is the fact that you can tailor your perfect day anywhere your heart desires. You can take any vision and turn it into reality in the most extraordinary places on this earth. In essence, that is what this lovely US couple did. Julianne and Heath traveled all over from Texas to tie the knot by having a wedding in Dubai, one of the most extravagant cities in the world. From the magic of the desert to the opulence of the city, it was a one-of-a-kind experience that this couple planned and brought to life with loving hearts. We had the pleasure of being their Dubai videographers and witnessing one of the most phenomenal Five Palm weddings.


Elegant and classy intimate wedding in Dubai


No matter whether it is your first or a hundredth time in the desert, you cannot help yourself but be awe-inspired, especially in Dubai. You see vast sand horizons, and in the midst of it all, a surreal oasis that is a cultural and luxury center. Lured by the mysticism of the Arabian desert, our US couple decided to have a pre-wedding tour which we enjoyed filming as their destination videographers.


In essence, it is always about framing your love in a way that would make an artful impression, doing justice to your unique story. Gazing upon the golden dunes and all the vastness, Julianne and Heath explored and unwinded freely, surrendering to their own emotions. A loving embrace caressed by the wind and transcribed into the grains of the desert - an eternal love that defies the sands of time. 

Wedding in Dubai | Five Palm Jumeirah | Julianne & Heath

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Pre wedding desert tour


“The dunes are changed by the wind, but the desert never changes. That's the way it will be with our love for each other” - The Alchemist
They were reminded of their love, of how much they have grown together, and also the path of determination. Incredibly enough, Heath proposed to Julianne 9 times before she said YES! He knew who he loved, so he was firmly determined to pursue his destiny. That is why their wedding in Dubai also has another meaning - love can withstand and survive anything, under any conditions, plus thrive. Even in his vow speech, he was so strikingly loving and caring that made every person in the room shed a tear or two.

Wedding in UAE

But before moving fast forward, they got ready at their Five Palms Jumeirah Hotel and held their ceremony there. All of their 16 friends and family were moved by the speeches, especially Heath’s. This loving groom poured out his heart and we as their wedding videography Dubai team were there to capture each word. We promise you, if you listen to his speech, your heart will surely melt too. As their Dubai videographers, we also took the time to film astonishing portraiture with this magnificent city as a backdrop. Urban cityscapes for an elegant middle east wedding affair. After that, they had their reception at the Roar Lounge in the hotel, sharing intimate moments with their favorite people.

Julianne & Heathe | The  Wedding Movie | Five Palm Dubai
First comes love. Then comes engagement. Then… a destination wedding in Dubai?

We hope you will find this wedding in Dubai ethereal and inspiring to tailor your own destination adventure. If you need more ideas, or simply want to enjoy the romance of our real wedding films, feel free to browse other love stories. And if you wish us to portray your special day in a cinematic yet candid way, fill the contact form on our page for a Zoom call or simply email us. We are already looking forward to becoming a part of your most important event!

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