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Mary and Christos wedding at
Margi Farm in Athens

When Mary and Christos met, they knew it was it. The spark. The connection. They felt comfortable together. They are in a very happy relationship and we were so fortunate to be invited to film their wedding video at Margi Farm near Athens, filled with so many pristine emotions. It was such an unforgettable experience, from the endless Greek hospitality to the stunning scenery and their love. 
We got to enjoy a stunning sunset over the farm and its surrounding vineyards. Feeling so grateful to Mary and Christos for asking us to capture their wedding at Margi Farm. We definitely loved every minute of it!


The Perfect Wedding for the Happiest Day Of Their Lives


It was a golden day full of joy, comfort, and love. A day for newlyweds to celebrate the union that brought them out in their warmest spirits and resulted in such a strong bond.
The bride was a vision in white. She held her head high like a queen, and her smile filled the space with light. The groom stood tall and proud, beaming as he looked at his bride. It was a moment of pure happiness. They gazed into each other's eyes as they shared their first kiss as a married couple, surrounded by friends and family who had come to celebrate this special moment with them.


We portrayed this moment seamlessly; a cinematical yet candid moment, reflecting their beautiful personalities. We are never for just the bride's dress or the groom's suit – it's always more than that, something hard to put into words. It is about love. And you can see it in their eyes: they're in love with each other, but even more than that, they're in love with life itself.
Mary and Christos were simply holding each other close, but there was no fear in their faces: only trust and joy as they looked ahead together into whatever comes next as one. This is what true love looks like from every angle: confident and powerful, humble yet unbreakable

Mary & Christos wedding at The Margi Farm Athens

The setting: the idyllic grounds of Margi Farm


Imagine it: a Mediterranean-style wedding under the shade of olive trees, surrounded by vineyards and rolling hills. That's exactly what happened for Mary and Christos when they tied the knot at Margi Farm in Athens.
When you come to a wedding at Margi Farm, you notice right away that there's an elegance and refinement that is natural, not forced. It's a place where guests can feel at ease, and enjoy wonderful food and drink at the same time.

The weddings at Margi Farm are known for their authentic Greek food and music performances. It’s also famous for its farmers' market stocked with delicious local produce, as well as its vegan menu and fresh juices that are as abundant as they are refreshing. The organizers have worked hard to create a space that's both luxurious and comfortable – the couple and their guests really felt like they were at home in the stunningly-decorated dining areas surrounded by vineyards and olive trees

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Life is moments | Mary & Christos  
An Ideal Traditional Wedding With Modern Flair

The setting in Margi Farm was so picturesque, you'd think it was straight out of a fairy tale. The carefully-selected decorations and floral arrangements were just as gorgeous as the bride herself, while the guests' happy faces radiated from every corner of Margi's sprawling gardens.
The first thing guests at Mary and Christos' wedding at Margi Farm in Athens noticed was the stunning scenery. The perfectly manicured lawns and stately trees seemed to glow with beauty, setting the perfect stage for the ceremony.


The next thing their friends and family saw was the floral displays of varying colors and textures, expertly arranged to form a breathtaking array of bouquets, boutonnieres, and centerpieces. Such luxury!
For the reception, the special features of Greek cuisine and local products were highlighted. At this Athens wedding venue, they use only high-quality, organic, and seasonal ingredients, which allows them to create a menu that is both flavorful and innovative.
The professional chefs implemented an array of techniques to make the food look artistic: they formed fruit into flower petals and leaves, stacked multiple layers of textured ingredients in decorative shapes, and used herbs for decorative accent. By presenting the food this way, they were able to make something that looked impressive yet tasted delicious.

Maria & Christos | The full Wedding Movie | Margi farm Athens 
First comes love. Then comes engagement. Then… a destination wedding in Greece?

It was a celebration done Greek-style – so much love, breathtaking scapes, warm ambiance, and great food to share with friends and family.
Did you love this wedding at Margi Farm and our cinematical filming style? Then reach out to us if you wish us to ensnare the essence of your own wedding day! 

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